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Spices in Jars

Hey Mama

Let's get you organized. I promise it will change your life. 

About Me

I've always loved to organize and get creative with my space. While I have no formal background in organizing, my mind has always been geared toward organizing through my job experiences- from the shelves of my culinary school storeroom, to a walk-in refrigerator in a busy kitchen, to 7 freezers full of biological samples. I love how much re-organizing and making a few small changes can redefine a space.

My Philosophy


Cute bins are helpful, but you can organize without them.

the real magic here is going to be sorting through what you have and getting rid of what you don't need. We'll work within your budget, finding second hand bins and baskets. Bins and trays can be helpful for segmenting items, but not always necessary and it never has to be instagram-worthy. 


items should be accessible

Busy mamas don't have time to look for stuff. When everything has a place, you can easily find what you need.


Reduce overwhelm. 

Overstimulation in motherhood is real, and visual stimuli may be contributing more than you realize. Less clutter means you can focus on delighting in your children and being the mom you want to be. 


Make the most of your space. 

City dwellings often mean small spaces and little storage space. Organizing can create a little extra room, and every bit counts.


Nursery Decor

Nursery Organization

includes an initial in-home consult, product recommendation (if any), then we'll put everything in it's place. This would be perfect for anyone who needs help getting creative with a very tiny room, integrating a co-sleeping space, or just doesn't have the bandwidth and wants to outsource it! 


Modern Home Library

Full House

Includes kitchen, bathroom(s), plus any additional spaces you'd like help with. Price varies depending on the number of rooms and size of your home. Whether you're preparing for a new baby or moving on from that stage, you'll benefit from decluttering.


Home interior design


In-home consult, give me a tour of your home and I'll tell you what I think! If you decide to work with me, the cost of your consult will be put towards your total fee. 


Urban Home with Plants

Nontoxic Home Consult

In the spirit of decluttering, let's ditch those toxic products and swap them out for healthier alternatives. I'll show you what chemicals are lurking in your cabinets and provide a list of products you can transition to when you're ready.


Dropper Bottle Container

Custom Labels

Labels for everything in your kitchen! Price varies; if we're already working together I can easily add this on, otherwise it requires an in-home evaluation. 



A few products to get started with!

Image 12-18-23 at 4.39 PM.jpeg
Image 12-18-23 at 4.50 PM.jpeg
Image 12-18-23 at 4.47 PM.jpeg
Image 12-18-23 at 9.42 PM.jpeg

drawer trays

hanging organizers

drawer dividers

Tension Rod

Image 12-18-23 at 9.43 PM.jpeg
Image 12-18-23 at 9.43 PM (1).jpeg
Image 12-19-23 at 9.30 PM.jpeg
Image 12-19-23 at 9.42 PM.jpeg

expandable spice rack

kitchen organizer

utility cart cups

utility cart

Image 12-19-23 at 9.29 PM.jpeg

broom holder

Image 12-19-23 at 3.57 PM.jpeg
Image 12-7-23 at 2.18 PM.jpeg

Thieves home cleaning

Dirty Labs

Image 12-19-23 at 11.16 PM.jpeg

stacking bins

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