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the baby-led sleep approach

Updated: Apr 9

If you're considering hiring an Isla Grace certified, baby-led sleep consultant, this post is for you.

What we do:

  • help families optimize routines and sleep hygiene

  • look for root causes of sleep struggles (medical, sensory, emotional, etc)

  • normalize normal infant behavior, and help you find support for what is not normal

  • create a holistic plan that honors attachment science while meeting your goals

  • treat your family as a whole vs obsessing over baby sleep

  • sees you and your family for who you are, which is so much more than your sleep

  • educate you on silly myths like "drowsy but awake"

  • equips you with confidence, cheers you on

What we don't do:

  • encourage sleep training or anything that goes against your instincts (look away, don't make eye contact or talk to your baby at night, timed checks, etc)

  • create a detailed, prescribed plan for how each night will go and how you should respond

  • make promises or guarantees. If someone guarantees your baby will sleep through the night in 3 nights, that's a sleep training program.

  • or anything else that treats you and your baby like robots, and makes it seem like I have a crystal ball and can predict exactly how your nights will go.

Isla Grace holistic sleep specialists like myself are compassionate space holders. We know what it's like to be bombarded with sleep information, obsessing over sleep simply because the internet told you it was important. Here's your permission slip to tune out the noise and tune into your intuition, you got this mama! Here for you. You can work with me through one of my 1:1 packages or purchase a digital guide.

You can checkout the Isla Grace courses for parents here, or if working with families for holistic sleep support seems like something you'd be interested in, you can checkout the certification course here.

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