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Nontoxic Home Cleaning

meeting a niche with nontoxic products + deep cleaning

I searched and searched for a local, nontoxic cleaning service and couldn't find one. So I decided to do it myself.


Cleaning Supplies

Nesting Mode 

Nesting mode, activated! 4 hours of my time to give kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere else a deep clean before baby arrives.


Polishing Car

Interior Car Cleaning

Get the interior of your car vacuumed out and wiped down, including children's car seats

$75 I travel to you

$40 you travel to me (there's a library across the street you can hang at)

Cleaning the Counter

Postpartum Bubble

Sit back, relax, and take a nap with your baby. Life with a newborn is a lot, you don't need to add clean house to your to-do list. 4 hours of cleaning time for kitchens, bathrooms, and whatever else needs a refresh! 


Cleaning Equipment

Quick Clean

A quick 2 hour refresh.


favorite cleaning products

thank you for shopping my referral links!

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thieves by young living

dirty labs

rosey by thrive market


use code shareyl for 10% off your first order

$10 off your first order 

40% off your first order

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