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My Services

all of my passions, all in one place. 

Newborn Baby

postpartum doula

for when you need help and support after giving birth.

Cleaning Materials

nontoxic home cleaning

home upkeep can be overwhelming. I offer deep cleaning so the day to day maintenance is less.

Sleeping Baby

sleep consulting

certified sleep and well-being specialist, helping you get sleep without sleep training

Food Service

meals + food prep

Nourish yourself.

Wall Shelves

home organization

Pre- baby, post-baby...let's get your home organized!

Cruise Ship

disney travel

Want to plan a trip to Disney World but feeling overwhelmed? I can help!

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

digital guides

E-books for every topic

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

phone support

I'll be your cheerleader and space holder

Breast Milk Pump

focused sessions

dedicated time to lactation, babywearing, or other topic


pick my brain

hop on a call to chat about anything! jabs, elimination communication/potty training, car seat safety, gentle/conscious/respectful parenting, etc. An informal chat about things I'm passionate about and know a lot about but aren't actually certified in (yet!)

We'd be a good fit if...


you're an amazing mom; you lean into your intuition and asks for help when you need it 


biological norms are your jam; you're focused on what you and your baby need vs what society expects


you love your baby AND this transition has been challenging

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