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Coming soon...April 2024

A Toddler and a Baby

Sleep Consulting

A truly gentle sleep approach that focuses on relationship + connection

My Philosophy


Sleep is a symptom.

There are so many reasons why your child could be waking in the night or having a hard time falling asleep. Let's get to the root cause.


Sleep is a family affair

Ready to stop obsessing over baby sleep? We'll look at your routines and habits too, not just baby's.


There are no magic fixes or guarantees

I will never promise to have your child sleeping through the night in x days. The only thing I can promise is a kind, responsive, approach with your intuition leading the way.


Myths have no place here

Your baby doesn't need to self-soothe, go to bed 'drowsy but awake' or night wean. Biological norms for the win!

Woman in Bed

We'd be a good fit if...


you want sleep without sleep training


you don't expect instant change


you're ready to do the work

Depending on your specific situation, this could involve medical consults and extra appointments, or some inner work. 


Newborn Baby Sleeping

Confidence Call

Just want to know that you're on the right path and your baby is normal? Let's chat!


Sleeping Baby

Making Changes

Desire less contact naps? Moving on from bedsharing? I'll evaluate your intake and provide a plan via email, includes up to 2 additional follow up emails for questions and feedback.


Mother and Baby Sleeping

Comprehensive Consult

Includes evaluation of intake, 1 initial call, detailed plan, up to 6 weeks of text support with 1 additional conference call. This package is for parents who want continued guidance as they make shifts and changes.


Father and Daughter


Includes intake evaluation, conference call, and detailed notes via email. This is for families who want guidance but don't need follow-up support.



Discovery Call

still unsure if we'd be a good fit? Schedule a free 15 minute call!


If you struggle with fending off critics and feel like you’re always defending yourself, trying to explain yourself to others, etc then this simple 3 page freebie is for you. I hope it brings you clarity and freedom while maintaining healthy relationships.

Baltimore's only Isla Grace Baby-Led Sleep Certified sleep specialist. You can check out her courses for parents and consultants here.

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My approach

What exactly is 'baby led' sleep? Together we will work on optimizing routine and address any medical issues. This is why I don't promise or guarantee better sleep in X nights, because your child may need consults and medical procedures in order for sleep to happen. There are no negative sleep associations, I don't associate disruptive sleep patterns with falling asleep at the breast or nighttime feedings. If you're looking to make changes (night weaning, transitioning to their own bed, etc we will do so in a gentle + respectful manner

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