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The 80:20 rule. Every crunchy has a non-crunchy thing they love. For others it's hair dye, diet coke, or chick-fil-A. For me, it's Disney. 

Let's plan your trip together 

Did you know you can work with a Disney Travel Agent to plan your vacation for free? Yep! No cost to you, I get paid by Disney. Here are some other benefits of working with a travel agent:

  • plan a complex trip without hours of research

  • have everything arranged for you, including airport transportation and dinner reservations

  • have a dedicated contact to give you the inside scoop and answer all of your questions

  • onboard credit for cruisers

Between the parks, cruises, and adventure programs, there's something for everyone.


What if I already booked my vacation? You can transfer your trip to me within 30 days of booking.
If I know what cruise I want to go on, do I really need the help of a TA? Yes! I can assist with the whole process, not just selecting the itinerary
But I'm not a Disney person. I get it. But if you're a fan of relaxing, live entertainment, gourmet meals, and exploring the world, then I would give Disney Cruise Line a try. 
What's the perfect age for a trip with children? Any age that you want to and feel mentally and physically up for it. For some, that's 6 months, for others, it's 5 years. Disney requires infant cruisers to be at least 6 months old. I took my 3 year old recently and it was probably the least stressful vacation to date, because anything you need is readily available to you. Easy access to your stateroom and food 24/7. Go into it with realistic expectations and you'll have the best time. 
Do you only do Disney travel? Mostly! But my CLIA membership allows me to book other cruise lines as well. 

Contact me for travel related questions at:

Favorite Travel Products


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