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3 must have baby carriers

Updated: Mar 27

There are SO many options when it comes to babywearing. Let's break down the types of carriers and my favorites from each category.

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  1. SSCs, or soft structured carriers

These are probably the most popular carriers, with so many options this can be a little overwhelming. I like having an all-purpose carrier, that can be worn with your baby chest to chest, front-facing, or on your back. I like using an SSC for walks + adventures. You want to look for a carrier that supports baby's hip development; if you see photos of dangling legs, pass. You want baby's knees to be at or above hip level, they should look like "froggy position" vs dangling. My favorites are Ergo (either Aerloom or Omni Breeze for breathability, purchase any carrier with my link and get a free embrace newborn carrier), Be Lenka (magnetic chest clip!), Tula, and WildBird Aerial.

2. Ring Slings

I love a good ring sling for quick errands and wearing around the house, they're less bulky than SSCs and easier to nurse in IMO. My son loved napping in the ring sling, so cozy! Wildbird has 2 different fabric options - linen and modal - use code CRUNCHY10 for 10% off! Tula also has ring slings made from soft, handwoven fabric.

3. Wraps

When you are just coming out of your rest phase and starting to be a bit more productive around the house, a wrap will keep your newborn snuggled up close. The self-tie method looks complicated, but don't be intimidated, it's actually pretty easy to master. There are lots of options on the market, but my favorite is Solly(free shipping on your first order with my link). Their loop carrier looks cool, but I love the classic tencel modal, SO soft. Ergo and Be Lenka are great as well.

4. Bonus: Woven Wraps

SO versatile, you can wear them multiple ways. However, they can take some getting used to, as they are a DIY style carrier.

5. Bonus: Onbuhimo

This style of SSC is considered an "advanced" carry, it lacks a waist belt and only relies on the shoulder straps, meaning all the weight of the carry is in your shoulders and upper back instead of the hips. If you're going to use this carrier with a toddler or larger baby, I recommend having a strong core. I like this carrier for times when you want to have a large fanny pack (I used it for a Disneyland trip last year) or if you had a c-section. The Happy Baby onbuhimo can be used with babies 7 lbs and up, so you can babywear without irritating your scar.

I would start with the newborn wrap, then add on the ring sling, then the SSC as you start going on walks and adventures. If you were only able to purchase 1 carrier, the SSC would be the most versatile. Highly recommend shopping used on facebook (there are BST groups for specific brands) or checkout Poshmark (my link gets you $10 off). Happy Babywearing!

Extra Bonus: If you are traveling with your toddler and carrying a backpack, I highly recommend checking out Trail Magik. It's a sturdy yet lightweight, convenient carrier that straps onto your hiking backpack, perfect for adventurous toddlers who alternate between exploring and needing to rest and be carried.

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